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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

coming up to Sheraton Street. Come on love, don't look at the camera - just be yourself. Posted by Hello

up Wardour Street, in the middle of which a film crew were recording. Shame about the focus on this one - it says "Precious" in sequins across the girl's bottom - I was nervous of the flash going off and getting "are you taking pictures of my girlfriend's arse?" or worse. Posted by Hello

over shaftesbury avenue, camera in one hand, life in the other. Posted by Hello

and along Lisle Street towards the lower bit of Wardour St Posted by Hello

past Manzi's (in a blur as usual) Posted by Hello

and onwards past the Empire Posted by Hello

through the square itself Posted by Hello

up towards Leicester Sq Posted by Hello

how many shades of grey can you see here class? Posted by Hello

past the Westminster Reference Library Posted by Hello

up between the main gallery building and the sainsbury wing Posted by Hello

camera round neck, just random shots every minute or so as I walked along Posted by Hello

they weren't interested and I started walking back to the office Posted by Hello

something to do with gorillas and bananas I hear Posted by Hello

funny stuff going down in Trafalgar Square Posted by Hello